Border Patrol Agents Monitor US-Mexico Border

(Nogales, AZ)  --  Attorney General Jeff Sessions calls the southwest border "ground zero" in the fight against illegal immigration.  After a border tour in Arizona, Sessions unveiled a series of new border security measures.  He condemned the "depravity and violence" being carried out by criminals who are in the U.S. illegally.  Sessions told reporters that the Trump administration is determined to secure the southern border. 

 He said, "This is the Trump era."  Sessions also noted declines in illegal immigration since President Trump took office in January.   The border security measures include the hiring of more immigration judges.  Sessions is directing federal prosecutors to focus on particular offenses that can help prevent and deter illegal immigration.  He is also instructing prosecutors to aggressively prosecute anyone who assaults a federal law enforcement officer.  Sessions praised Customs and Border Patrol officers and said, "We have your back."