(KFYI News) A federal judge signs off on the merger of U.S. Airways with American Airlines.  

The Washington-based judge has found the settlement between the Justice Department and the two carriers to be in the public interest.  The judge agreed that the settlement will actually enhance airline competition by opening up more slots for low-cost carriers in New York, Washington, and at other key airports.


“We’re pleased that the court agreed that the department’s remedy will enhance system-wide competition in the airline industry.  

By increasing the presence of low cost carriers at key constrained airports across the country–through significant divestitures of slots at Ronald Reagan Washington National and New York LaGuardia International and gates at five other important airports–consumers will have more choices to fly at more competitive airfares.  

History has shown that when low cost carriers have entered the market, consumers benefit.  With the settlement, the department is requiring an unprecedented number of divestitures in this industry that will provide enhanced competition across the nation.”