(KFYI News) – The Mexican government is donating about 1,600 Spanish-language textbooks to the Arizona Department of Corrections for use in the prison system.

DOC spokesman Doug Nick says the textbooks are aimed at all different grade levels, covering numerous topics including math, science, and history.  The books will be made available in prison libraries statewide for prisoners who have library  privileges and want to improve themselves.

Nick says the prison system has educational programs available to inmates in areas "from functional literacy to GEDs and Special Education."  He calls the DOC's educational offerings "very robust", adding "so it's very important to us that inmates get these kinds of materials regardless of their educational level or what language they speak."

The donation came as a result of requests from Spanish-speaking inmates to the Mexican consulates in Phoenix and Tucson, which then contacted the Mexican government.  The government worked with DOC to make the donation happen.