(KFYI News) – Phoenix police are hot on the trail of a suspected burglar who appears to be getting into his victims' homes through the garage.  And he doesn't even have to force his way in.

Wednesday evening, police got a call from someone reporting a suspicious vehicle driving in a neighborhood north of Bell Rd. between 56th St. and Tatum Blvd.  The caller reported the man may be breaking into cars and garages.

Responding officers found the car, but it fled the area.  They caught up with him again near Mayo Hospital with the same result.  But at least they knew which car they were looking for.

Later in the evening, officers found the car abandoned a couple of miles farther north.  Inside the car, they found about 50 items suspected to have been stolen from homes, along with six garage door openers.

Police tell KFYI News they suspect the man was checking cars parked in driveways.  If he found a car unlocked, he took the garage door opener from inside and made note of the address where the car was parked.  Then, he could return to the home sometime when no one was home and use the garage door opener to access the house.

At last report, officers had not yet found the suspect, but by virtue of finding his car, his arrest probably isn't far behind.

Meanwhile, police suggest that you NEVER leave your car unlocked, even if it's parked in your own driveway.  Also, they say you should never leave your garage door opener in your car in a place that's visible, to discourage anyone from trying to get into your car to take it.  If they take your garage door opener, even if you're someplace other than home, they might also find your vehicle registration which would give them your address.