(Undated)  --  Most Americans are paying more than they can afford for a new car.  That's according to the latest Interest.com "Car Affordability Study."  

According to the survey's calculations, only Washington, DC residents earn enough money to purchase a new car.  Meanwhile, median-income residents in Tampa, Florida can only afford to spend about $14,200on a car, while in 2013 the average price of a new car was over $32,000.  

The city with the next-highest purchasing power is San Francisco, where residents could reasonably afford to spend $28,000 on a car.  Boston ranks third in purchasing power, where residents can afford to pay just over $26,600 for a car.  

Minneapolis and Baltimore round out the top five.  Other cities where vehicles are the least affordable include Miami, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Phoenix.

The survey is based on the median household incomes in the 25 largest U.S. cities and the average "Kelley Blue Book" price for a new car or truck in 2013.  The affordable price calculations are based on the "20-4-10" rule -- a 20-percent down payment, a four-year financing deal, and the principal, interest, and insurance payments no higher than ten-percent of the gross household income.