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Cops Arrest 3, Mistake Jolly Ranchers for Meth

Cops Arrest 3, Mistake Jolly Ranchers for Meth
Posted September 5th, 2014 @ 6:28am

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(NEWSER) – Three Brooklyn men left a candy store in Coney Island last year with Jolly Rancher candies in their pockets. Two police officers who claimed to have been tipped by an undercover cop promptly handcuffed the men, saying they'd been seen selling crystal meth.

A later NYPD lab test determined that their red and blue "crystalline rocks of solid material" were, in fact, candy. “To my knowledge, there is no evidence in the scientific literature that crystal meth looks like Jolly Ranchers or rock candy, other than from the Breaking Bad show," the men's lawyer tells the New York Daily News.

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