So it's no secret that the WM Open will be busy! And if this is your first, second or 7th time here there is always something new.

Read below for some tips and tricks submitted by fans! Trust us, it's worth the read! Enjoy! 

  1. If you want to get into 16...get there early (and stay late)....beeline it to 16 when you get there and get in the "stadium"
  2. PGA Tour banned caddy races, but 16 will still deliver.
  3. Other cool viewing spots (for golf): 17 (drivable par 4), sitting behind 18 tee (watching em bomb it over the water.) The practice range and putting green (if you want to get "up close and personal")
  4. Cool viewing spots (for people watching): 16, behind 18 green (lots of "walk thru traffic"), Birds Nest
  5. Best most coveted badges: Greenskeeper and VIP Birds Nest tix. How you get em...know someone who knows someone.
  6. Regarding the big expo tent at the entrance.... stop and give the exhibitors a minute of your time..they paid $10,000 for a 10x10 booth so humor them and at least act like you are interested.
  7. Things To Bring: sunscreen, shades, a lid, beer money.
  8. Phones are allowed, must be on vibrate and no photos are allowed.
  9. Wednesday = Pro Am day so you can see some celebs tee it up in the ProAm
  10. MUST DO: Hire a car, take a cab etc so you can enjoy it! A DUI is not worth it. Have a blast, but be safe!!
  11. Pre/post Tournament Viewing Days: tee it up at a Troon facility like Kierland, Talking Stick, Troon North, Phoenician.
  12. Dress for success: heels are welcome (and encouraged) if you are of the female gender. Men anything goes: Football jerseys, Ricky Fowler look a like unis are cool, bright colors, even knickers are sighted frequently. But Sat is the green out so wear green...whatever.