A political-mailer linking Trayvon Martin’s fatal-shooting to a democrat lawmaker is creating quite a bit of controversy in Arizona political circles.  

According to The Arizona Republic, Mary Rose Wilcox, democrat candidate for congressional district 7, sent out the mailer which states that her democratic nemesis, Ruben Gallego, has a B+ rating with the National Rifle Association.

It also claims that he voted for a ‘Stand Your Ground’ bill backed by the NRA, ‘a law that made it easier to shoot someone and claim self-defense.”

The mailer went on to say “In the aftermath of tragedies like Newtown, CT the theatre in Aurora, CO and the fatal incident in Florida involving Trayvon Martin, is this really the direction we should be going.

Wilcox campaign spokesman Sam Castaneda Holdren said to the Arizona Republic, “Ruben Gallego’s vote to make it easier for gunmen to use deadly force and claim self defense is just the kind of law that fosters tragedies like the Trayvon Martin case.”

The Gallego campaign told The Republic the mailer is ‘extreme,’ and doesn't explain his entire record on guns.