We are eternally grateful to all the branches and levels of law enforcement who were able to bring Marathon suspect #2 into custody. We are also grateful to the Boston homeowner who, after his home was inspected by police, checked on his boat only to find a torn tarp, a human blood stain, and a violent 19 year-old terror suspect holed up within it. This suspect, along with his brother, brought Boston to its knees this week. These events made history as another attack on US soil reportedly by Jihadists who used a soft target this time--an iconic outdoor sporting event, in an iconic American city. We are also eternally grateful to all the medical professionals of every level of assistance who saved numerous lives with their quick and expert response. This week we witnessed a mind-numbing, surreal story of slaughter that will be reported on and analyzed for years to come--one of horror that ended in joy. Tonight Boston's streets are filled with cheers and chants of "U-S-A, U-S-A," amid flags flown at half staff.