Governor Rick Perry's indictments could drag out for some time. The special prosecutor says he has the goods on the Gov., and a grand jury agreed. Perry says he'll fight the felonies all the way. Stay tuned. A real Texas-style brawl ahead!

Here is the footage of District Attorney, Rosemary Lehmberg in Texas who was arrested for DUI in the spring of 2013.

Now, Gov. Rick Perry has been indicted on two felony counts, presumably because the DA worked to garner enough evidence against him to interest a special prosecutor in a case against Perry who vetoed funding to Lehmberg's office, when she refused to resign.  

The Governor has the right to veto, and Perry exercised that right.

But one of the reasons this will be a "Texas brawl" for sometime to come is due to the details which the Grand Jury was privy to resulting in the two felony indictment.  We're not privy to that information... yet.