In case you missed the Dec. 7, 2013 ribbon cutting event at the Arizona State Capitol, here is my interview with Sec. of State Ken Bennett on the "Salute the Fallen" memorial gathering. Fast forward 30 minutes in...

Finally Arizona has a monument dedicated to the state's fallen of WWII, especially honoring those from the Pacific theatre. As a proud Board Member of Phoenix Rotary 100, Rotary joined hands with Sec. of State Ken Bennett and countless others who worked tirelessly to bring this WWII memorial to Wesley Bolin Plaza.

The monument honors 1,902 men and women of Arizona who sacrified their lives in that conflict. Two gun barrels -- a 14-inch gun barrel off the USS Arizona and a 16-inch gun barrel off the USS Missouri --rest as the outside of a centerpiece "ship" which holds dogtag-style placards with the names of fallen soldiers.

It's such a moving monument, and long overdue. I am honored to be part of this project.