My father was part of The Greatest Generation. He was a career officer: USAF. He started as a pilot with the Army-Air Corps and during WWII flew Glider Planes, even on D-Day over Normandy. (He must have had a guardian angel as a co-pilot because he survived!)

He also served in the Korean conflict, was a Minute Man Missileman with SAC, base commander in Ubon, Thailand during the Vietnam conflict, and Deputy Commander of the Wing at bases back home. He died from Agent Orange. Over the last two days since the government has partially shut down, his fellow-WWII patriots have been denied access to the WWII memorial because national parks are technically closed, yet the memorial is an open-walking area.

I'm sure my deceased father would say that it's a damn shame his fellow soldiers, many of whom came in wheelchairs, did not have access because of unnecessary barricades, and because the WH and the Dept. of Interior did not give them an exception. Disgraceful.