It's the sixth day of the President Donald J. Trump administration and already he's making changes from the Executive branch. 

Today, the president is headed to the Department of Homeland Security to sign more executive actions.   These actions will direct federal resources towards the construction of a border wall, the one long promised during Trump's campaign. The orders will also increase the number of employees with Customs and Border Protection by 5,000.  The goal there is to help deal with the large numbers of immigrants arriving from Central American countries, many of them children traveling without their parents.

President Trump will sign an additional order to pull federal funding from sanctuary cities like San Francisco if those cities don't arrest or detain illegal immigrants.  San Francisco announced today they are going to fight the order by puting more tax payer money into a legal defense fund for illegal immigrants.

Later this week, President Trump will turn his attention to the US refugee and visa program.  The order will likely suspend people from countries like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Libya from entering the US.  The president will also seek to ban people who engaged in bigotry, honor killings and violence against women from entering.  Trump's position has evolved since the campaign when he called for an all out ban on Muslims coming to the country.   

On Tuesday, the president signed orders pushing forward the construction of both the Keystone and Dakota Access oil pipelines.  More protests have erupted today because of those orders.  The projects were blocked by President Obama while he in office.  

Trump also met with the big three auto makers CEOs Tuesday.  He's working with them on fostering an environment for creating and keeping jobs in America. On Monday, the president said he wants to lessen business regulations by 75 percent and lower the corporate income tax to as low as 15 percent.  

Twitter Watch:

On Twitter, President Trump said he wants a major voter fraud investigation to look into how many illegal immigrants voted, how many people are registered to vote in two states and how many dead people are still registered to vote.  He also said he will name his pick to become the next Supreme Court Justice next Thursday and .@realDonaldTrump sent a warning to Chicago.  The president wrote if they don't their murder rate under control he'll, 'send in the Feds.'

Total number of executive actions taken so far: 10.