Looks like it's time for another article on that most elusive of Democratic dreams, a blue Mountain West.

"It's just a different world," said Bill Carrick, a veteran Democratic strategist in Los Angeles who has worked widely in the region. "Nevada became the next California and now Arizona looks like it will become the next Nevada. ... It's just pushing the West further and further from Republicans."

Arizona is the next California? Really? Let's look at Nevada's Presidential voting history:

And California's voting history,

And finally, Arizona's voting.

Just for grins, let's look at Utah's voting history.

Ok, remind me again how Arizona is the next California?

If anything, it's getting worse for the Democrats as their statist, tax-and-spend pipe dreams come crashing to the ground in California, Illinois and New York, leaving the rest of the country shaking our heads at their folly.

And it goes downhill from there for Dems in the west as the last 8 years has seen the decline of "moderate" Blue Dog Democrats most likely to thrive in these climes. The wide streak of independence that we in the west hold so dear is the mortal enemy of the big-city machine politics that has taken over the Democratic party . It can be argued that Ron Barber/Gabby Giffords (let's face it, they're one and the same) were/are two of the last moderate Dems in Congress, but they'll stay in Congress only until the State legislature can correct the mistakes that the "independent" re-districting commission made two years ago.

If (and and I say, "if"), the Republican brand name is in decline in the Mountain West it's not the Democrats that are raping the benefits, it's the Libertarians.

"The West is the most American part of America," said Dave Kopel of the Independence Institute, a libertarian think tank in Denver. "It is a place where you have much more respect for individual choice and you have more ability to be who you want to be."

The Democrats know this, and are trying their level best to jump onto that bandwagon.

"The libertarian thing is no longer about property rights or gun rights," he (Democratic operative Carrick) said. "It's now about letting people live their lives as they choose."

Except it IS about gun rights and property rights and lower taxation and a smaller government footprint on our neck. The Democrats are racing towards more and more government control of our lives, and can't and won't relinquish their dream of using government as an instrument of moral guidance in our lives.

And that is why, try as they might, they won't won't turn Arizona blue.