Several months ago the Obama administration declared that dealing with the dangers of an armed society will be one of the top two priorities of Obama’s new term as President in January of 2013. Yet if truth be told the ground work for the final power struggle with the American people and their beloved Second Amendment has already been laid. Long before Sandy Hook or even before Gabby Gifford’s fateful Congress on Your Corner event took place, Obama and the left were ever so quietly and intently setting the plan in motion. This plan is something so evil and vile and so very stealth that many Americans are totally unaware of what is about to hit them within the “privacy” of their Doctors office. A few years back Americans were written a prescription for gun control and it is called Obama care. All that was needed was a way to sell it to the strong yet soft hearted American people.

As the dust was beginning to settle from our latest mass murder by yet another mentally disturbed individual at the Sandy Hook Elementary school and the media was drying the last of their crocodile tears, as if on cue it was announced that Obama was ready to make his move with sweeping new gun control measures that would prevent any more innocent children from being harmed by reckless and thoughtless gun owners. Much to my dismay way too many American’s let out a collective sigh of relief after hearing all 23 Executive orders and finding comfort that they did not hear any bold announcement of a total ban or confiscation order. A chill went down my spine as I was able to see past that and could see the plan laid out right in front of our faces yet not obvious in that moment to very many. I have to marvel at how quickly Americans forget the way communism creeps into societies.

Sadly what made the moment so chilling is the fact that we in all honesty cannot disagree with Obama on the issue of mental illness being a problem when mixed with guns and indeed our mental health care system is broken. Undeniably something must be done about the total incompetence of those in charge of America’s mental health, yet somehow admitting to this injustice that is running rampant in our society is now being used to close the deal with the devil himself. The much needed sale has been made.

One of Obama’s executive orders that I find quite significant if not alarming is that he is directing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study the ways in which to reduce gun violence as if gun ownership is a disease or sickness within itself, maybe a mental condition. Yet interestingly they ignore studies on the psychiatric drugging up of America’s population which has been clearly linked to every shooting to date! This mass drugging of America includes our children as young as 3 years old as defined in another case study by the CDC in October of 2011 that reports antidepressant use in the United States has increased by nearly 400 percent in the last two decades!! This is astounding and now antidepressants are said to be the most frequently used class of medications used by Americans ages 10-44. Even as far back as 2007, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that Antidepressants were the most frequently prescribed drug reporting that doctors racked up 118 million prescriptions for antidepressants in 2005 out of a total of 2.4 billion prescriptions!

Maybe you are saying so what? What does that mean? What this means is that General practitioners are becoming way too comfortable prescribing dangerous mood altering drugs to the American public with no follow up or therapy to help with any real mental health issues. Studies are showing that 80% of patients on antidepressants are being treated by doctors other than psychiatrists. Also being shown is that people are taking these drugs for anything from sleep issues to fatigue and back pain. I remember many years back when my daughter was in second grade she couldn’t get rid of a bad virus. I could not get an appointment with my regular doctor so took the one that was available so my daughter could be seen that day. The doctor gave her a quick once over and proceeded to tell me that she was struggling getting better because she was most likely depressed. I was shocked as he then tried to prescribe her antidepressants to which I got angry and refused. I immediately got another doctor to examine my daughter and as it turned out she was then diagnosed with asthma and was in dire need of a breathing treatment and antibiotics. No need for the antidepressants the other doctor had tried to push onto us. This leads me to ask the question; why are we seeing a huge push towards medicating the population with these mood altering pharmaceuticals? 

Are the people being drugged up and dumbed down on purpose? We are raising a whole new generation of children who cannot cope with the reality of life without the help of such prescription drugs yet this is exactly what the new background checks on gun purchases will be looking for. We will have our doctors releasing any and all personal information to the government in the name of “back ground checks” to see who is competent enough to purchase firearms. Our mental health records in many cases will be done by doctors who know nothing about treating mental health other than recklessly prescribing the medication and acting as snitches to the Obama care regime who then in turn will decide who is crazy or sane enough to have the new privilege of owning a gun.

Ask yourselves these questions; how much is “big pharma” gaining by the over selling of prescription drugs to Americans? Who benefits? Are they in this alone? Will our doctors be forced into becoming the new snitches to a communist regime that decides who is competent enough to own a gun? Is the desire to own a gun a disease? Are Christians crazy? Who is the enforcer of Obama Care that will now enforce who can own a gun? Can you say the IRS? Can you see where we are going? I can, just please don’t call me crazy!