Yesterday, President Obama called for the end of the United States of America. Oh, I know it was supposed to be a speech about immigration and a call for reform, but really what he was call for was an end to the nation as defined by our Founding Fathers.

Supposedly a healing speech, talking about bipartisanship, it really was a call to end our borders and change the character of a nation that has stood a beacon of hope for the rest of world for over 230 years. Once again, as in the rights of guns, Obama has asked us to give up our constitutional rights—in this case, a national border and residence, to please a minority or constituent.

You see, that’s the big flaw in this ‘no border’ concept of immigration. The rest of world flocks to our shores wanting to live in a prosperous and free nation, yet they support the concept of tearing down everything that makes this nation great and making it just like the horror of a third world nation that they came from.

He called for getting in line for most illegal aliens, yet he fails to mention you have to staunch the flood of people getting on line otherwise what you have is a mob. He talked of learning the language and background checks and paying taxes, fees and penalties to become a legal citizen. Well I got news for you Mr. President, we have that-- its called the citizenship process, and the way you determine who gets into that process is called a border, not everyone just bum rushing the counter where they issue green cards.  Everyone did play by the rules sir, and you just tossed the rules out the window

Furthermore Mr. President, you referred to legal citizens as not Native Americans, further blurring the line (intentionally) between right and wrong, legal and illegal, so that most people don’t know which end is up anymore. I am Native American as much as any man, I was born here same as my parent and my parents’ parents.  I am a Native American, and stop saying I'm not.  Being a native born American doesn't mean I have to live in tee pee or on a reservation to be legitimate.

Yes, Mr. President, this is our land and to be forced to share it with those that did not earn it, or gave it up willingly, is betrayal. Every bit of American territory came to us from legal means, despite La Raza's and other groups claim. No matter how much you they howl or pitch a fuss, nothing can change that fact. The way I see it, people that say that Americans killed to get the land, simply got the raw end of a business deal and now are sore that it went badly. For thousands of years they did nothing with the land, whereas we built it up in less than two hundred years, and now they want it back.

To that I say, “Nuts”.

Take for example the island of Manhattan, which they claimed to have gotten snookered on by selling it for 24 dollars. The Canarsie Indians, who sold it to us, were merely trading on Manhattan, which made it necessary for us to buy the island again from tribes near Washington Heights. The Raritan Indians, for the record, show that Staten Island was sold by these Indians no less than six times. So please don't tell me we are not entitled to the land. We bought it, paid again for it with our blood, and delineated legal borders.

It’s outrageous that you have such an ignorant knowledge of our history. Worse you perpetuate the myth that America is not ours. You claim that we have no right to define borders and say who can live here and who cannot. Thousands of Texans died in their fight for freedom of tyranny against Mexico, just so 150 years later our President could tell them that the land they died for is really someone else's. Billions were spent on land from Louisiana to Alaska with money earned from the sweat and brow of hard working settlers who risked life and limb to make something of a barren prairie just so you can be big man with foreigners and tell them they can share in it too?

And to the GOP who support this nonsense, to hell with you too. We didn’t elect you to capitulate our nation to people that do not want to be Americans but rather to plunder our land’s wealth and to make our great nation look like their miserable third world countries that they fled. Obama we know is a leftist and it’s expected for him to say such things, but for men and women who supposedly support the ideals of the Founders, and then sacrifice that to protect your own political skins you should burn in hell for all eternity.

This isn't a presidency, it's a destruction derby, and it’s too bad that the GOP doesn’t recognize this.

The wealth and power of America is not its banks, or businesses,  but its ideals which would be given up to the gods in the name of political correctness and for a few lousy votes by leaving our borders open while providing a legal path to amnesty.

Shame on you Mr. President, and shame on the GOP for forgetting our national identity and the blood that was shed to earn this land.

There are some of us who will not forget.