Phoenix Ranks Best City For Autumn

While plenty of people across the country are sad to see the summer sun go, people in Phoenix seem happy to put summer in the rear view mirror.

A new survey finds Phoenix as the best city in the nation for fall weather.  A YouGov survey finds 77% of people living in Phoenix say they thoroughly enjoy the weather during autumn.  Meteorologist Austin Jamison with the National Weather Service said we are getting out of the summertime heat.

But we are not out of the woods yet, Jamison said we could see still see highs of 100 throughout October.  During the fall, Phoenix's average high temperature can fluctuate between 98 and 83 degrees. Average lows can dip into the 50's.   

Denver came in second on the YouGov survey with Minneapolis-St. Paul, Atlanta and Detroit rounding out the top five.

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