Leading Republican Is Accused Of Sexual Harassment

A state lawmaker is reacting after another lawmaker is accusing him of sexual harassment.  

Yuma Republican Don Shooter is not only denying accusations he tried to have an affair with Scottsdale Republican Michelle Ugenti-Rita, he's saying she ruined her marriage because she had an affair with the House Speaker's Chief of Staff.  

Shooter's statement comes after Ugenti-Rita tells Channel 3 Shooter continued to make unwanted advancements even after she told him to stop.  Ugenti-Rita detailing the incidents saying Shooter showed up at her hotel room at a conference uninvited with a six pack of beer.  Another time, she says the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee walked her to her car and tried to get Ugenti-Rita to go to a hotel.  

At first, Shooter apologized. Then withdrew the apology after he saw the allegations. He's denying them.

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