Chef Beckett Saves You Hours of Turkey Prep

Chef Justin Beckett prepares his turkey a little differently than just throwing it in the oven.  He takes all the bones out of the turkey, then takes the skin off.  After that Beckett takes all the light and dark meat off the bones and then rolls it back up into what he calls a turkey tube (video below).  

Why?  It saves him tons of time.  Beckett says it takes about an hour to prep a turkey this way (though he's a chef, he's got it down to 20 minutes).  By doing so you can cook a turkey in as little as an hour/hour and a half.

Beckett recommends to 550 KFYI a 14-18 pound turkey if you are feeding 8 people.  That size should be enough to send everyone off with leftovers as well.  Catch part one of our interview on Thanksgiving prep with Chef Beckett Wednesday morning on the KFYI Download starting at 5AM.  Part two about leftovers will air Friday morning.

Becketts owns and runs two Phoenix restaurants, Beckett's Table and Southern Rail.

Here you can watch Chef Beckett prepare his turkey.

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