Maryland Hospital Caught Dumping Patient Out In Cold Wearing Hospital Gown


A Maryland Hospital is under fire after security guards were caught on video wheeling a woman, wearing only a hospital gown and socks, out into the cold, and dumping her and her belongings at a bus stop before returning inside. Imamu Baraka, who was standing nearby started recorded the unbelievable incident and uploaded it to Facebook. 

Baraka confronted the security guards as they returned to the hospital before returning to check on the woman. 

So, y’all are just gonna leave this lady out here with no clothes on? That is not okay.

He attempted to help the woman, who only grunted in apparent pain as he tried to get her to take a seat. The woman struggled to walk, and was uneasy about sitting down on the cold bench wearing only a thin hospital gown as cover. 

An ambulance eventually arrived, and took the woman back to the same hospital that had discharged her and left her half naked on the street. 

The hospital issued a statement saying they "are taking this matter very seriously, conducting a thorough review, and are evaluating the appropriate response, including the possibility of personnel action."

The following day, Mohan Suntha, the CEO of University of Maryland Medical Center's midtown campus, apologized for the incident and admitted their failure:

Where we absolutely failed, and where we own that failure, is in the demonstration of basic humanity and compassion as the patient was being discharged from our organization after receiving that care

He could not comment on why the woman was being treated, or what specifically caused her to be discharged in such a disturbing manner. He did point out that it had nothing to do with insurance or her ability to pay. 

The hospital was also unable to comment on what happened to the woman after she was brought back by the ambulance because of patient privacy laws. 


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