The Media’s Worst Fears About Trump Are True

They could not believe what they were hearing. Their worst fears about President Donald Trump were true. Yes, my friends he is healthy as a horse.

He is not suffering from dementia either.

Question after question elicited a positive – and at times – condescending response. Don’t get me wrong, the doc who examined Trump was polite, but the sheer volume and insanity of the questions had him answering them with a look of disbelief or laugh at times:

“Does he wear dentures?”

“Is he limited to one scoop of ice cream or two?

“Seeing a lot of skepticism over the idea that @realDonaldTrump weighs only 239 pounds. Would he step on a scale in public to prove it?”

“Are you ruling out things like early-onset Alzheimer’s?” “Are you looking at dementia-like symptoms?”

This most glaring display of the media’s disqualifying bias should be the final indictment of the mainstream media. They showed us the full extent of the Trump Derangement Syndrome from which they suffer, and it was uglier and more disgusting than any stool sample any president ever submitted for an annual check-up.

It was a sh!t show of epic proportions from a sh!thole media. It is the left who are off their rocker folks, not the 45th President of the United States!

Sidebar: The most embarrassing thing about the media’s latest episode of Trump Derangement Syndrome quackery is that Senator Jeff Flake came out to defend it! Holy #badtiming, Batman! Flake Flaked out!

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