The Conservative Circus Clown Of The Week!

Poor Jim Acosta. He can’t hep it! He was born with a stupid spoon in his mouth!

CNN’s Jim Acosta made the trip to Davos, Switzerland, to report on President Donald Trump’s historic trip to the World Economic Forum. The president was welcomed “like a rock star,” with crowds of attendees cheering Trump, breaking out their smart phones, and hoping to record the most popular man at Davos this year.

Acosta hates President Trump and his Davos triumph, so he went 'stuck on stupid' on live TV after the president slapped him up side the head by ignoring him.

Friends, Jim Acosta beclowned himself, on foreign soil, over his self absorbed hatred of President Trump. He truly looked and sounded like a fool. This is CNN.

 Ladies and gentlemen! Boys & girls! Jim Acosta is the Conservative Circus Clown Of The Week!

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