Grammys Make a Dissonant Sound

Not even all the Jay Z pre-hype could save the Grammys last night. The rap dominated show was short on talent but long on anti Trump sentiments.

Welcome to the era of Trump!

When Kendrick Lamar, who won four Grammy’s last night, gave his acceptance speech money spent on a translator or subtitles would have been a better investment than all the pyrotechnics. “Know what I’m saying? Hip hop. Life! Jay Z for president.”


Once again a disproportionate amount of anti-Trump rhetoric was spewed on stage from brown faces. It was like, ‘lets get the minorities to start the Trump bashing, cause black folk can’t be racist.’ Last night’s black celebrities’ bashing politics reinforces the notion that African Americans are the Trojan horse for radical liberal sentiments.

Thanks you 1960’s radicals and Obama!

Last night the Grammys morphed into BET with a few white liberal overseers sprinkled in to make it all look legitimate. Wait! That’s exactly what BET is now that it’s owned by Viacom, who also owns CBS, MTV and Nickelodeon.

For the blue pill brainwashed masses, it was just entertainment in the age of Trump; but for those of us who are Red Pill Woke, the fact that music’s greatest night had its lowest ratings (again) may suggest that more people are unplugging themselves from the Matrix.

Stay Woke!

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