Media Bias Much?

While discussing the FISA memo, Nancy Peolsi called President Trump "President Bush." No biggie right? She's getting up there in age, she under a lot of pressure and she is Nancy Peolsi.


A little embarrassing but luckily for Nancy, she doesn't have to live with life’s little gaffs. Nancy has CBS news make it disappear.


Michael Piercey, producer for the Chris Plante Show, caught the edit. "CBS was short on time, they don’t have precious seconds to waste on a dottering old woman who can’t remember the President’s name!" He said, "It’s a classic edit, masking the video jump with that picture of Trump."

This isn't CBS's first rodeo, remember this little ditty?



And there you have it. MEDIA BIAS! If Pelosi were a Republican the gaff would have been looped and highlighted on every morning and late night talk show. It would have been the cold open on Saturday Night Live. And you see what happens when the stakes are higher!



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