#RedForEd Is Killing Public Education

Arizonans are being told that they have a revenue problem not a spending problem when it comes to our schools. Raising taxes is the only answer #RedForEd offers. The governor says his plan won’t raise taxes. Legislators say there is no way to fund the governor’s proposal without raising taxes. #Redfored has conservatives and republicans eating each other (just like they want them to) and the propaganda is coming in fast and furiously.

The Center For Investigative journalism and other “news” outlets put out misleading information in order to fight the conservative talking points.

What are the talking points?

"Too much money is being wasted on non-essentials!" 

"Too much money is going to administration."

 Here is the truth: 2008 was a year of maximum spending on education in Arizona. 

A look at the spending over the years shows:


Had 2008’s 57.3 percent instructional spending level held, today’s instructional spending would be at $4764 as opposed to the $4377 currently spent on instruction. 

Question: Where did all the money go? Answer: On Administration. 

#RedForEd isn't interested in truth. Truth doesn't advance their agenda. 


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