#RedForEd Teacher sings his concerns?

So the #RedForEd teachers are on strike for better wages and a better experience for their students and their classroom.

So what is the best way to keep on fighting and showing you mean business?

Naturally it is to sing a parody of a Taylor Swift song with new lyrics that pertain to #RedForEd!

Is this really having an impact on the movement as a whole? Do you feel more motivated to pay attention to the movement as a whole? Why is it that people have to go overboard with getting their point across?

The teachers wanted more funding and they got it from Governor Doug Ducey. But that does not seem to be enough. 

These type of videos truly only serve one purpose...to gather support for a group that knows it is still trying to win a game of PR against the Legislature of Arizona. The #RedForEd groups have already changed lyrics with "We're Not Gonna Take It", "When the Saints Go Marching In",  "We Got the Funk" and now "Look What You Made Me Do". I don't want to give them anymore ideas of songs to ruin!

Making videos like this to garner support simply does not cut the mustard.

Video Courtesy of Tom 2.0 (tom2point0) Performer

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