Democrat #RedForEd Duplicity

Another brilliant speech that you did not hear because it happened in the middle of the night. There are a handfull of legeslators that understood what #RedForEd was really all about and what giving into their pedulece would cost this state.

Meet Representative Bob Thorpe. In this clip he breaks down how much money has to be raided from other government agencies in order to fund a 20% teacher pay hike over the next three years. 

This is the  moment when he explained his vote for K12 education funding at about 3:30 am. He referred to all the Democrat red "no" votes up on the board. After over a month of the Democrats fanning the flames of the RedforEd movement, not one House Democrat voted for the raise and $1.6 bil funding increase, and only 4 Democrat Senators voted for it. That's 4, only f-o-u-r Democrats out of 90 legislators voted to increase education funding and pay raises. 

Remember that come November.

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