"F*#@ The NRA" Campaign Ad Will Doom Democrats

Meet Pat Davis, he's a far-left congressional candidate who is running for the Democratic nomination in New Mexico's first district. He just released a campaign ad targeting the NRA that was broadcast live and uncensored on the tele.


Davis begins his ad by saying, "F*** the NRA," he then falsely blames the civil rights organization for being responsible for "dead children, dead mothers, and dead fathers."


"If Congress won't change our gun laws, we're changing Congress," David concluded. This asshat looks and sounds like an older worn out version of David Hogg. Vile language, hostile and dead wrong on the facts. I have to believe that NRA membership in the great state of New Mexico is about to go way up. That is what happens when Democrats shoot off thier mouth and attack without facts.

Well done Pat Davis and good luck with that!

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