Obama Education Chief: Boycott Until Gun New Law!

So Obama’s former Education Secretary is actively calling for parents to pull kids out of school to push gun control and it's heralded? Trump’s Education Secretary supports homeschooling and charter schools and she’s a nut job?

Many of you doubted me when I told you that #RedForEd and the other socialist "teacher strikes" that magically popped up at the end of this school year were the latest in the now long line of resistance movements against the Trump presidency. Don't doubt me!

Democrats lost the election but they are still trying to run the country. 

Asshat Arne Duncan's request is naked politicizing and is attempting to weaponize our public schools. This is the Community Organizer in Chief's former cabinet member calling on parents to join the red revolution at the expense of their children and their children's education.  

Brilliant? Necessary? No. Divisive, socialist and dangerous. 

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