LeBron James Disses Fan Because Of MAGA Hat.

Why would LeBron diss a fan like that? Because he can. He is a general in the army of black useful idiots that are allowed to spew their ignorance and racist sentiments to support the cause.

LeBron saw red. The “Make America Great Again” hat that was on the head of the Trump supporter, triggered General James. Some of you are probably going to say this wasn’t intentional and LeBron (who recently called Trump a “bum”) probably didn’t even realize what hat the fan, seated court side, was wearing. 

Okay. If you’re in that camp, you might be duped by the left’s own racism of low expectation. Think about the mental ability of this man who has millions of fans:

LeBron James has a photographic memory. The guy is truly genius. He hears and sees everything around the court and is one of the greatest passers of all-time with more “Assists of the Nights” than any other player in the league this year. Look at how he draws the MAGA hat wearing fan in, then intentionally throws (or passes) the towel far and to the right.


Now,  just imagine what would happen if a white NBA player dissed an African American fan who was wearing a "Yes We Can!" hat. 

I rest my case.

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