Crowder Confronts Liberal Who Issued Bomb Threat

Self-destructive, stupid ass behavior is rampant with members of the so-called Resistance. Not only are unhinged leftist now showing up at restaurants to harass members of the administration, they are also going after Conservative pundits.  Do these asshats have any idea how that plays in fly over country?  

Do these people think they are accomplishing anything but their own defeat? Steven Crowder is not having it. It's bold people like Crowder and social media conservative Will Johnson, who are not afraid to confront and take on the leftist bullies. 

Crowder does just that. He surprised and confronts the woman who threatened to firebomb his van in Austin, TX. As the crowd of lefties grows, the crazy comes out. Look at their eyes and realize that there are unhinged people among us.

Kind of scary.

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