Maxine Waters Confronted! Freedom of Speech?

Courtesy of Big League Politics and Storm Scoops

Isn't it a wonderful sight to behold when the opposite side of the aisle tries to use free speech as a tool for their agenda? However when the other side tries to use it in a fair manner to ask simple questions it is considered disruptive and intrusive.

Double standards!

Laura Loomer decided she wanted to speak with Rep. Maxine Waters about her latest remarks going after elected officials who support Donald Trump or are in Donald Trump's Cabinet to seek them out in public and get in their face.

The confrontation in the video above demonstrates how the Left talk a big game but never want to be challenged on their rhetoric.

That is why they feel like they know all and can do no wrong, right?

Just another example of the laundry list of things the Left is continuously accused of.

Duplicitous is the word you should be looking for right about now. 

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