Drag Children, The New Civil Right Frontier

Courtesy of Grabien and The Huffington Post

Parenthood does not come with an instruction manual! This will probably be the most disturbing thing you will see today.

Meet Desmond Is Amazing. He’s ten years old and he is a drag kid.

"And if you want to do drag, just start off with a little wig and some lip gloss and a little t-shirt and a little skirt and some heels or sneakers, whatever. You can be a drag queen no matter what. I've always been able to be myself because of my supporting mom and dad.”

The support of mom and dad… I am going to go out on a limb and guess that mom and dad are uber liberal.

"Drag is a form of expression and being yourself and dressing however you want and looking fierce. No matter what you're wearing, even if your eyeliner went down and it's like so bad, you still look fierce. My motto is 'Be yourself always,' but I like to add this on: “No matter what anyone says, and pay haters no mind, because they're not as fierce as you.”

Well, the kid does have the jargon down but what about his state of mind? Funny, the Left is on the march for mythical migrant children being separated from their parents at the border.

Maybe being separated from your parents isn’t such a bad idea!

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