Trump: $1 Million DNA Test for Elizabeth Warren

Courtesy of Fox News

At a rally in Montana, Donald Trump attacked many of his usual suspects as to the people to blame for the fate of our country over the past several years.

Trump has attacked Senator Elizabeth Warren on many occasions calling her "Pocahontas", pointing out out how she herself proclaims that she is of Native American descent without any real proof.

So President Trump mentioned one of those DNA tests you see on TV to find out your heritage as an option she can use. He then offered $1 million dollars to assist in her taking such a test.

What is there to lose?

Is she afraid what the test might reveal?

Will it expose the fact that she has been using that race card to propagate deceit for her own agenda?

Well if that is the case she fits right in with the Democrat Party who is not out for the people they claim to care about but their own narrative and personal agenda to gain and sustain power and keep everyone from thriving.

Take the test Senator. You will be doing yourself and the rest of us a favor. 

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