Trump Hatred=Act of Terror

Courtesy of Fox News

Outward violence against anyone who supports Donald Trump is increasing day by day and it is quite frankly become an accepted part of the culture.

The battle lines have been drawn with people who overtly hate Trump---you are either with them or against them.

And yet the Left preaches "New Tone" and "Civility" while not answering for their constituents' acts of violence. 

Mike Huckabee takes it a step further in the video above stating that the Left is committing "Acts of Terror" against the right to pressure them in to siding with them vs Donald Trump.

Bully tactics and aggression is not going to get your message across at all.

In fact it will do the complete opposite. It will prove to the world that hypocritical behavior filled with double standards and lies are what your party and all of your minions who bring about this hate are what your party stands for now.

Don't say the Right is turning a blind eye when the Left has been blind to its incompetence for far too long.

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