The Media wants to scare you over SCOTUS

Courtesy of Grabien, CNN and MSNBC

You would be inclined to think, according to the mainstream media, that the next SCOTUS pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy would be the most important decision of the last 30 years.

They would also have you believe that this country would be set back decades if a certain type of Justice is not chosen.

Is this not the group of people that stated that it is their job to control what people think?

Watch this clip below.

Courtesy of NTK Network

That is terrifying and exposes the media!

The truth is that these people are still freaking out that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election and are freaking out!

Next stop on this off-the-rails train is Panic Station! 

All the media can do is scare you into thinking they are right.

When in reality Donald Trump is simply putting choices back to the states and enforcing policies that previous administrations did not dare go after.

Where in the Constitution does it grant you the right to an abortion?

Oh that's right it doesn't exist!

The only ones setting us back decades is the media trying to keep their control over the drones who are finally waking up to your lies and your mantra of Fake News.

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