A-10 vs. F-35 Flyoff Is Rigged By U.S. Air Force

The USAF is playing fast and loose with the law. So I turned to an expert - Lt. Colonel (retired) Tom “Chuck” Norris. (When your call sign is “Chuck” Norris you are probably a legend in the Air Force. And Tom is.)

Because Tom “Chuck” is an officer and a gentleman he didn’t go where I did. He methodically explained the scandalous behavior of the USAF, and didn’t say a word about the people who have failed us. 


It looks like Martha McSally has gone AWOL on the A-10. She is so busy running for the next office, she has neglected the duties she has in the one she now occupies! She has sold herself as the guardian of the troops – the hero of the A-10. Huh?

If she is such a superstar hero, how did she let this scandalous fly-off scam happen? I’ve got questions.

Listen to Tom “Chuck” explain just what the scandal is and ask yourself – where is McSally?

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