Piers Morgan: Obama achieved very little.

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Is someone actually admitting that former President Obama did not accomplish much during his tenure at the White House?

Yes! Someone actually is!

Piers Morgan, in an interview with Martha MacCallum and Fox News, stated that Obama was "massively overhyped" and "did not accomplish much" during his Presidency!

This is where we all can collectively laugh with joy that someone on the Left can actually admit saying those words.

Other than getting Obamacare passed what did he do?

He was elected as the potential savior of this country and was going to bring us all hope and change.

What he really did was he sold the American people hope and changed the fundamental nature of this country from a society based on capitalism to a society based on socialism.

We will let Pastor Manning tell us what former Obama really did as the President. It was not much.

Courtesy of InVultusSolis


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