Strzok Hearings: A Waste of Time?

Courtesy of Grabien and C-SPAN2

The Peter Strzok hearings are in full swing and the questioning coming at him has been fast and furious.

But Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee took it upon herself to state her own personal sentiment on the whole ordeal stating that "This is a waste of time" and "I know you love America."

How are these hearings a waste of time?

How do you know Mr. Strzok loves America?

How do we know such subjective questions?

Are these hearings supposed to OBJECTIVE and not SUBJECTIVE?

This Representative is not the first nor the last to put personal bias into a setting where it simply is not needed nor warranted.

In other words---ask questions pertaining to the hearing to obtain information. That is all.

Yet another hapless individual trying to make a public statement falling on deaf ears.

This is ANYTHING but a waste of time.

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