George Lopez Pretends to Urinate on Trump Star

Courtesy of TMZ

Pretending to urinate on a Hollywood Star is considered comedy?

Holding up a bloodied decapitated head of Trump is considered comedy?

Pretending to shoot Donald Trump in a music video is considered comedy?

And let me guess all of this is Trump's fault because he made violent acts or protest and rhetoric and vitriol acceptable right?

This is nothing short of depressing.

Comedy used to bring people together. Comedy used to be about making people laugh. Comedy used to be about being clever and witty and being able to make light of serious and not so serious topics of the world and our cultures.

But now it is to attack anyone who disagrees with you. You cross comedians and they won't just make jokes about you they will blatantly offend you to get a few laughs.

When was the last time George Lopez had something funny to say? 90's?

Yea that is what we thought.

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