International Trump Derangement Syndrome

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

Trump Derangement Syndrome became a real thing in the United States very shortly after President Trump was elected into office.

However his stance across the globe was equally polarizing as well.

In his visit to London, England to speak with British Prime Minister Theresa May, MSNBC was doing their ground report amidst the demonstrating protesters when, you guessed it, a Trump hater saw a camera and started shouting his displeasure of Donald Trump into it.

Now I have no love for MSNBC but this kind of behavior simply gets unchecked far too often. And MSNBC, and most of the rest of the mainstream media, standby and watch it all go down without pushing back against it.

International Trump Derangement Syndrome has shown true Liberal Unhinged behavior. Notice how all of the brainwashed say the same thing with absolutely nothing to base it on. The asshats see a camera and the lunacy is triggered. 

But this is Donald Trump so this kind of behavior is tolerated and accepted now, right?

A collective shaking of our heads is in order on the global stage.

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