Elizabeth Warren: 4 Jobs Just to Survive!

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

So now a talking point of the Left centers around "the unemployment numbers going down" is NOT a good thing!?

Senator Elizabeth warren spoke with MSNBC about the hardships people face under Donald Trump and that his economic policies are not working.

When the IRS has already collected more money this year than ever before---that means more people are paying taxes because more people have jobs and pay into the system!

Unemployment numbers going down is ALWAYS a good thing Senator!

Your emotional argument is once again weak on its surface and pathetic in its execution.

This is the kind of rhetoric that tricks people into thinking that Donald Trump is not Making America Great Again!

Another lie spread by a Fake News outlet trying to keep the American people down.

Have you ever worked multiple jobs at once Senator?

I am guessing not because all you do is grandstand and whine and complain to get votes!

Get back to us when you have anything logical to say!

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