Democrat Double Standard On Obama / Trump

The Daily Caller’s Amber Athey and Justin Caruso asked people how they felt about President Trump’s plan to “reset” with Russia and Trump’s promise to the Russian president for more “flexibility” after the next election… except President Trump didn't do those dirty deeds. Nope, those were the feckless actions of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton!

Democrat obstinance never ceases to amaze me, but this piece also demonstrates how in today’s polarized society, truth doesn't matter. The very thing that gets Trump labeled a traitor by today’s standards, pales in comparison to what Obama’s administration attempted. With Obama's promised "flexibility," if it had been successful, we would have seen America downsize our strength, power and influence to appease Russia (Thank God he failed!)! And Hillary Clinton's sophomoric reset button? Reset what? Our relationship with Russia?

Yet, when President Trump officially meets with Putin in the name of peace, the Left implodes! I guess Democrats are allergic to peace through strength!  What this clip demonstrates is the power of propaganda. Russia is not our greatest enemy, the mainstream media is, followed by the Democrat Party with establishment Republicans close behind. With enemies like these, who needs the Russians?



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