Conservative Circus Clown Of The Week, Roseanne!

Below is the offical statement from Roseanne Barr! You should watch it now... Go ahead, I'll wait. 

Roseanne's offical statement is nice, professional and to the point. If that were the extent of her explanation it would have been sufficent, powerful. 

However, there is THIS, which was recorded BEFORE THE OFFICAL STATEMENT!

When you put the two together you get a hot, manic mess. I kind of feel for Roseanne. She had it all and lost it with a tweet. Never the less, the tale of two statements catapults Roseanne Barr to the front of the line, even ahead of runner up Whoopi Goldberg! Congratulations, Roseanne, you are this week's Conservative Clown of the Week!

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