Mayoral Candidate handing out cash to voters!?

Courtesy of Dr. Willie Wilson

Chicago Mayoral Candidate Dr. Willie Wilson is seen in the video above handing out cash to potential voters at a church to help pay their property taxes.

If an individual wants to donate money towards a cause or put money back into the community---those can be wonderful causes to be apart of.

But this is straight up giving cash to people in order to directly pay for taxes and in a big part pay for their vote!

And this is not conjecture or rumor or a back alley deal---this is caught on camera in a public setting for all to see!

This is disturbing probably should be illegal right?

Why is there no backlash? Does the city of Chicago take some part of the blame here?

This is the definition of deplorable!

Perhaps he and Randy Moss can campaign together around Chicago with the campaign slogan being "Straight Cash Homey."


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