I Was Harassed By My Students For Being Gay.

This teacher cut a video because her students allegedly harassed her for being gay. She made a video to express her pain!!!! She felt like she wasn't being supported or kept safe by the schools administration. Holy please pay attention to me, Batman!

Kids are being indoctrinated in public schools by radicals who see them as nothing more than future soldiers for the resistance and where is the sympathy for them?

I have questions: Why does this woman need her students to accept her? What could this teacher’s school district do to protect her and make her feel "safe." As sad as this is, maybe once a person decides to live their lives on social media, they open yourself up to all kinds of bullshiggity.

This my friends is why parents are losing faith and turning away from government run schools. This school district will now be tagged as intolerant because of the actions of a few. 

In fairness, this teacher shouldn't be bullied for her life style choices, HOWEVER what can teachers’ unions, administrations, or the local PTAs do? If this is a conservative district, maybe the educator should look for greener pastures in a more liberal, "tolerant" community. As schools continue to reflect the morals of the age, many parents are retreating to private, Christian and home school alternatives. That’s their CHOICE.

In the meantime, this lady needs to man up!

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