Watch Anti - Gun Jorge Ramos Pander to Millennials

Here we go again! Having failed to persuade America to abandon the Second Amendment, Univision’s Jorge Ramos has filmed yet another propaganda poem to gun control. Ramos seems to concede the conversation on gun control and is now attempting to pass the baton to the next generation. Here's the problem… The gun control debate is not Jorge's to hand off! Jorge doesn't speak for the constitution. Actually, Jorge Ramos doesn't really speak for anyone, does he?

Jorge Ramos (like many other leftist media types) is an asshat. The thing that warms my heart is that he and other media pundits (i.e. Mika Brzezinski) are finally realizing that the all-powerful media has lost its mojo when it comes to shaming or guilting Americans into giving up their constitutional rights. So in the wake of this loss of persuasion, what to do? Indoctrinate the children, of course! That's another hallmark of the left, strapping their biases onto the backs of children.

This, too, shall fail.



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