Where Is The Soul of the GOP?

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

Eric Bolling and Charlie Sykes debating where the soul of the GOP is and will go under current President Donald Trump.... does anyone truly worry for the already broken Two-Party-System and the status of it?

Perhaps asking a "Never Trumper" like Sykes would not be the best course of action given that he is now writing books about a platform that is currently defeating him.

"How The Right Lost Its Mind?"

How did the GOP capitulate into what half of it has become?

A party in complete disarray looking to beat the Left to being first in line for comments in line with "Trump Derangement Syndrome."

Instead of working together among its members, the GOP squanders opportunities in order to "balance",aka cater to the Left, to fight this President at every turn.

Was there a "Never Barack" or a "Never Bush" section of the parties they represented? NO.

The Right has not lost its mind Mr. Sykes---the Right lost its fortitude and commitment for complacency a long time ago.

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