PHX Police Union To Help St. Vincent De Paul

posted by KFYI News - 

The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) President Ken Crane was listening to 550 KFYI when he heard St. Vincent de Paul's large walk-in refrigerator broke down in the heat yesterday. He knew his organization had to help.

And help they are.

Crane telling 550 KFYI's Broomhead, St. Vincent de Paul is a 'pillar of the community, they do great work for a noble, worthy cause helping the homeless and feeding people so they won't go hungry.' Crane adding, he called the board of PLEA's charity arm and 'we floated a motion and we are going to cut a check to them for six-thousand dollars.'  

Six-thousand is the exact amount St. Vincent de Paul telling KFYI they needed to make their repair. 


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