Watch Media Melt Down Over Presidential Dis

Uh Ohhhhh! The White House is facing backlash from all media (including FOX) after banning CNN reporter Kaitlyn Collins from a presser in the Rose Garden yesterday.

See, what had happened was, she continued to yell questions at the President during after a presser  and the White House didn't like it. They had asked  Kaitlin Collins to move on but she kept yelling questions. Sooo, TIME OUT!

This morning, journalists on ABC’s Good Morning America had a hissy fit melt down over the news complaining that this was a “shocking” and “unprecedented” attack against the First Amendment.

Gosh. These people have no sense of irony. Former President Obama froze FOX News out for the first 7 years of his administration.

“This reporter did nothing wrong. This was her job. This is our job to represent all of the journalists at the White House when we go into these poll sprays. These questions were about the news of the day” whined fill-in anchor Cecilia Vega. “And this is just not what you do in a country that values the First Amendment. It’s pretty shocking!”

Sigh, If it were not for double standards, the media would have no standards at all.

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